"The Check In" - CD - (Signed Copy)


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Jost's debut solo album on CD.

"Music of a timeless quality can be heard here throughout, which, equipped with compositional finesse, gripping hooklines and stirring grooves, prances on the fine demarcation line between jazz and pop with an astonishingly playful ease and surefootedness that should give true listening pleasure not only to die-hard friends of the genre."

Featured musicians on "The Check In":

Jeff Lorber, Simon Oslender, Lutz Krajenski
Jimmy Haslip, Claus Fischer, Ali Busse, Mark Smith
Dirk Berger, Barry Finnerty, Jörg Sander, Hanno Busch
Rhani Krija, Max Grösswang, Stephan Maass, Farouk Gomati
Boxhorns Horn section:
Trumpet: Philipp Kacza
Trombone: Johnny Johnson
Sax: Mat Clasen
DJ Illvibe

Mixed in 2020 by Klaus Genuit at Hansahaus Studios Bonn. Except "I Understand" drums mixed by Sven Peks.
Mastered by Marko Schneider at Skywalk / Imagion AG
Photos & Cover Artwork by Gerhard Kühne

Produced by Jost Nickel